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Subject:  Re: Science Quiz Date:  1/8/2014  1:15 PM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  18920 of 21297

got 13 out of 13 and didn't strain a brain cell

ditto (my last science class was Chem 101 my freshman year)

There's got to be lots of science ignorant folks out thereā€¦..

Yep. Too many students pay too little attention (learning disabilities, distracted, not academically oriented, dropped out or checked out mentally, forgot everything once the test is over). And too many adults never read about anything more important than sports, TV or celebrity nooz.

then again, most Americans now get their news from the Comedy Channel....and haven't seen a program on science in 10 years.

More people get their news from Fox than any other TV source, but even more people get their news not at all or online. Of course, that can mean anything from righty/lefty blogs to the NYTimes, Fox online, even TMF.

They get their 'science' from the loonie lefties screaming

I think your paranoia is showing. When 97% of the public believes 97% of climate scientists, I'll agree the public is largely tuned in to "lefty" news ;-)
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