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Subject:  Re: Science Quiz Date:  1/8/2014  7:09 PM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  18924 of 21722

I could always lie to feel a part of the upper 1%.

Ah, but if you lied, you wouldn't feel it. Besides, we're just phantoms of the interwebs, no need to puff up for us! (WEll, I've met Donna405, lindytoes, and Goofyhoofy in real life, so they aren't phantoms ;-)

The fact that I aced this test doesn't put me in the top 1%--far from it (our HH income is not even in the top quintile--and I was raised on less than median income by parents who didn't go to college). I'm in the top 1% by IQ, but what does that really mean? That I can ace tests like this! My father had a genius-level IQ but knew very little about science--just not interested. But he was a fount of knowledge about the English language and classical music and the news (he read 4 newspapers).

I retain some of what I read. I remember that 'laser' is an acronym for 'light amplified or amplification something something something.' And that ~4/5 of our atmosphere is nitrogen--because that seemed so strange when I first learned it. I remember that red blood cells carry oxygen because it's interesting and seems important and even practical. Kind of explains why it's good to stop heavy bleeding.
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