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Subject:  Re: Mom and Dad update Date:  1/10/2014  10:18 PM
Author:  mtr Number:  307668 of 312858

Computer network down at home last days that why I haven't responded.

From dad email to me. snip ".Dr says she has a hole in the back of the left eye in the macular. Has no idea what has caused it. Surgery in a hospital with anthestia would be necessary. They didn’t know if she could even have the surgery based on just having brain surgery. In addition, after the surgery, they would place an air-bubble in the eye to hold the gel in place, and then she must have her head down on a pillow or sitting in a special chair so your head is down and this is 45” out of every hour 24 hours per day for a week. You would only have 15” to lift your head i.e. eat, go the the bathroom, etc. We have decided she won’t have the surgery along with the recent brain surgery. I can barely get her up out of bed to go the bathroom, get her up on a walker or wheel chair. She can’t sleep on her stomach, so trying to deal with this position for a week would be very difficult for both of us......She can see fine out of the right eye and is in no discomfort in the left. She goes back to her regular dr. in Feb. for another checkup."

As far as mom going to assisted living dad and I have look at having hospice of the valley for mom. She is ineligble for this service. Dad can not afford to put mom in to assisted living center on a permament basis. Dad would be out of money completely and not be able to afford the house. The decision to mom in assisted living is dads its his money.

As far as me goes I trying to stay calm help mom and dad where I can. There are times I have to wheel chair mom to the bathroom so dad can have a break. I go to the store, sams club, get moms depends at cvs.
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