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Subject:  A revamping of Libertarianism Date:  2/9/2014  3:27 AM
Author:  khalou Number:  23779 of 23810

We need to redefine Libertarianism.

This is my take, and I realize that this might go against the majority of Libertarians, but here goes-


The basic point of being a libertarian is to ensure that liberty for all is the focus of the government. Liberty includes that one can pursue happiness as long as they are not interfering with the liberty of others.

Government regulation-

What countries don't have government regulation? Communist countries. Name me one country that doesn't regulate their businesses for safety, quality, and environmental responsibility that isn't a communist or fascist country.

Freedom of religion-

Who in the hell cares what someone worships or not if there is true liberty in America?


America is at its greatest when there is a strong middle class. Hell- we invented the middle class! People will fill that category by the millions if allowed. Manufacturing created the middle class. The global economy forced competitive wages to have to compete with weaker economies. Entitlements isn't a bad word and any great nation should take care of its less fortunate, but there would be fewer less fortunate if there were entry level jobs that could lead to higher paying jobs in manufacturing. We are a service based economy and services don't pay the mortgage.

I don't know the answer to this problem, but I do know that entitlements isn't the enemy. People are people and they will work just like they ever did if there are jobs for them. We aren't suddenly inundated by a population of ne'er do wells. What we are is a nation suddenly inundated by a global workforce that will work for peanuts to manufacture goods. If you want to lower the people at the trough, you need to either make the world economy your equal (where a house in outskirt China costs the same as a house in anywhere USA), or you need to innovate the model.

Minimum wage-

Band-aid. We raise the minimum wage as a stop gap to make sure that custodians can afford a better hotel room for five families, but if we can strengthen our manufacturing base, there would be no need to raise the minimum wage.

Republican - Democrat-

Really? That's the best we can do? One side wants you to put Jesus before your countrymen and the other won't talk to you unless you have a degree in social somethingorother? (exaggerations, I know) LIBERTY PEOPLE!

I have more, but I'd like to see what horrors await me in the way of responses before I go on.

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