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Subject:  Re: I have officially arrived! Date:  2/18/2014  12:33 PM
Author:  MetalDecathlete Number:  5045 of 5255

Probably due in large part to the exceptional market returns since the 2009 inauguration...more than 18% per year for the S&P.

Ha. Very funny.

I prefer to chalk it up to DW and I willing to sacrifice and significantly LBOM's for 2 decades, mostly on one income, so we could put an average of about 25% of our income towards asset building vehicles. I started off putting away 20% of our income right after my 1st job with a 401k. In the late 90's, when I should have been putting money away, we got McMansion fever and put nothing away for 5 years until we wised up and sold it. Dumb!

It was not until 2001, right about the time I found REHP board and intercst's website that I put things in high gear, putting away 40% of our income at one point.

In 2007, I sectioned off about 1/3 my investments and started trading stocks within a taxable account and also some within an IRA. No day trading. I average about 10-15 trades per year. I had a few spectacular years and a few really bad ones. 2013 was my breakaway year, achieving a total 250% gain. 2014 is still building as I have achieved almost 20% so far. I'm slowly selling my shares and getting more conservative as I shift into FIRE mode. As many people have said in the past, "you only need to get rich once!". <g>

I am forever grateful to intercst and the people like him I've associated with on the FIRE boards since 2001.

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