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Subject:  02.20.14 Date:  2/20/2014  11:35 PM
Author:  Markux Number:  2270 of 2282

Final question response on a survey...


Question 32 is a BS question. Hindsight is 20/20. Or 20/10.

Had I to do it over again, I'd want someone to sit me down and beat me
silly until I screamed, "Yes, yes! I will give up my ideals and
naivete and become a Wallstreet ***hole and trade meaningless
derivatives all day long so I can pay off my eight years of student
loans in one day's worth of bonus pay. Yes I will sell my soul. Yes!"

I dream of the day I win the Lotto now and can write Sallie Mae a big
fat check.

And I go to bed each night knowing it won't happen.

And I spiral through every day knowing it takes me one day closer to
default and a credit rating that Wallstreet ***hole laughs at, while he
pushes paper around that isn't worth wiping my @$$ with.

My lauded GPA and AP classes are bile to me, as are the promises I was
told, and I should have stuck an icepick through my temple long ago, if
only to reach the area that was "gifted" so I could fulfill my dream of
being something useful and employable, like a plumber.


Sometimes, you just gotta tell it like it is, even if it's temporal.
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