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Subject:  Re: People issues, codependency, etc. Date:  2/21/2014  7:09 PM
Author:  slowlythere Number:  14976 of 15022

Thanks everyone for comments. I really need to come in and read more enthusiastically.

For now, an update on my friend, the "needling." I had been successfully reducing our contacts in recent two months except for the Superbowl (he caught me, LOL) and some related things.

This morning, he called me. I hadn't seen him in more than a week. It seems he had to be rushed to the E.R. five days ago, he nearly had a fatal asthma-related crisis. He was in the hospital for four days, released yesterday, but then went back to the E.R. late last night, released this morning. He has nine medications he needs to take until his situation is stabilized and he is seeing a doctor. It seems his recently widowed landlady (he is a live-in super) has been doing her best to keep an eye on him and making sure he gets adequate care, but he is a man who does not always understand instructions and situations.

He is at times somewhat feeble-minded and unable to understand instructions and does not communicate well, despite being pigheaded and aggressive at times. Though he has talked about it, he clearly does not quite know what the diagnoses are that he needs treatment for, other than something asthma-related and high blood pressure issues. It seems he has other problems (diabetes, maybe glaucoma, among others) and he just does not understand how and if they are related. He continues talking in ways that are borderline paranoid-aggression issues (sometimes he thinks everyone is out to get him or trying to hurt/kill him due to either neglect, or malfeasance) and though I don't doubt he has some minor psychiatric issues, his physical health are significant now and need serious and immediate follow-up.

Honestly this guy might end up dying due to medical problems, either because of inability to understand medical treatment recommendations and prescription medication issues, or simply ignoring them.

Frustrated and sad today because I just feel helpless in doing anything for him as he seems fundamentally incapable of knowing how to take care of himself and few, if anyone other than the landlady, is able to get him to take specific actions and guidance. All I can think of is that I resent having to get my funeral clothing cleaned again.

Having a really hard time pushing myself to function when I've got "friends" like this who are on the fast track to their own demise.

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