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Subject:  Re: Arctic Ice Date:  2/24/2014  7:54 PM
Author:  1poorguy Number:  445423 of 544611

You are not reading Tim or Qaz correctly. They agree with your assessment if you read them carefully. They just dont have the answers so they put the problem aside. It is not their calling. They are admitting that.

Perhaps. It does sound like "Qaz" does not believe the science community, but has chosen to ignore it. I was really addressing the first bit. If he chooses to ignore it, that's certainly his prerogative. I ignore all sorts of science topics because I don't find them interesting, or at least not sufficiently that I want to spend any time on them. For example, the Higgs Boson. I'm aware they have declared they found it. But I'm not really following it closely, and I certainly am not going to dispute the claim they are making. To refuse to believe them would be, in my opinion, foolish because I simply don't have the background or knowledge (despite being a physicist) to make such a claim (without literally years of study and work in the field).

So it is here, too.

The earth will heal its self. Much of the CO2 is being produced by burning oxygen and then some of the CO2 is being released into the atmosphere because it is part of what the earth actually is, the earth will soak it up again as we humans change how we garner our energy. It will be much cheaper to garner energy through sources that are not toxic to our planet.

I'm not sure the data is in on that, but again this is not my field. What is the tipping-point for a runaway greenhouse effect? And if humans continue to destroy the mechanisms that "soak it up" (specifically forests and the oceans (plankton, mostly, as I recall)), can the Earth recover at all?

The Greens are barely making any dent in the problem at all because it is a matter of future technologies. They are on their way.

I think the Greens aren't making any headway because they are standing in the way of profits and convenience. Corporations won't stand for the former, and humans mostly won't stand for the latter. So they get shoved out of the way. Certainly new technologies are on the way, but are they enough and will they come soon enough? I don't know.

This at least is better than arguing cherry-picked bits of data! :-)

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