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Subject:  Re: ACA surcharge Date:  3/4/2014  6:02 PM
Author:  synchronicityII Number:  120354 of 132493

Heh, that joke "I blame it on Obama"* is actually getting adopted in real life. Fun.


*- it's a running gag among many of my friends now, because employers are blaming practically anything and everything on the Affordable Care Act, even when they're doing essentially the same things they've been doing for years. So we rattle off lines like: "McDonald's forgot to put my fries in my order. I blame it on Obama" or "My car wouldn't start this morning. Damn you Obama!"

PS- regardless of what one thinks of the President and/or taxes or politics or whatnot, as we all know the tax code gets changed frequently. The ACA changes are not particularly more or less complex than those that have occurred in the past, again regardless of one's personal feelings about them from a policy perspective. As others have noted, the costs to keep up to speed should certainly not justify $100 increases in fees per tax return, if that is the case in your situation.
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