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Subject:  Re: Withdrawal Strategies...Again Date:  3/9/2014  7:10 PM
Author:  inparadise Number:  74458 of 107438

IP my experience says the Standard Advice is generated by folks in the financial services industry - they want to leave all that untaxed money in the account so they can manage it and extract their percentage each year.

Heh, you know, I like our FP, he's a nice kid, but sometimes I feel like charging him for the things he learns from me. We had our annual meeting this week, (once a year being his min, not ours,) and I had emailed him that it was important to us going forward that he make our taxable account less likely to trigger taxes. His response...annuity. I felt like telling him if you hear hoof beats think horses before zebra...but instead just blinked a few times and explained I was thinking something much less exotic like all equities, keeping any income producing funds in the IRAs. Explained it was one big pot of funds with dividers, so who cared where which funds were. To his credit, he did catch on faster than DH, who is brilliant in his own right but not when it comes to investments, and helped me convince him of the wisdom of my approach.

Also had to explain to him that I would be earning about half of DH's SS which was higher than my claim, and when he showed us how claiming SS at 70 got us higher benefits, provided him with a calculator that took alternative investment opportunity into account, showing it was better for us from a total dollar POV to take SS at 62 rather than draw down our investments with him.

But, he's a "professional," so as long as I manipulate him nicely, he'll help me handle DH and avoid arguments. And he does have cheap access to some killer funds, as well as being able to provide me with fee free trading, on which he does not take a percentage, so I guess he is worth his fee.

wondering why it is so hard to think outside the box
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