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Subject:  Re: Consolidation of Roths? Date:  3/28/2014  2:41 PM
Author:  MetalDecathlete Number:  74666 of 101548

I *get* that the IRAs are separate. That is not the issue. I just talked to Scottrade today, and he said I could transfer both over there. But I will call again and double check.

The IRAs stay individual, that is not up for discussion, I understand that point. As he explained it, they will just be housed in our brokerage account which will be tied to the checking account, as well. I'm NOT trying to merge the two IRAs and .. I am NOT trying to merge the two IRAs. And in case there's any confusion, I am NOT trying to merge the two IRAs. I am *just* considering moving them into our brokerage account as the person from Scottrade described I could do. I will call and check again, however, but we had a long talk about it and that's what he said I could do.

There was absolutely NO discussion about *merging* the two IRAs into one IRA. No merging, sorry I said it how I did in the subject line, it is not "Consolidating Roths" it is "Consolidating 2 separate Roth accounts into my Scottrade Brokerage account" but that didn't fit into the subject line.

Yepper. I use E-Trade and we have 5 accounts that I see when I log in to check, trade or rebalance. His TIRA, Her TIRA, His Roth IRA, Her Roth IRA and a taxable stock trading account.

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