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Subject:  Budget Help Date:  3/28/2014  5:05 PM
Author:  yddeyma Number:  308048 of 312878

I'm trying to trim our budget to see if it's possible to live on one salary. We are both engineers and I cannot believe we have gotten into such a consumptive life that we can't live on one salary at this point (very depressing and frustrating). I don't NEED to live on one, but it would be nice to be able to and pocket the 2nd salary for savings.

Below is my current budget. Future Budget is what I am aiming for, but I want to be able to spend $3500/month total and the numbers don't work. If there's a number in the Current Budget column, that's what I'm currently spending.

In particular, I am not sure how to cut my food budget. I've recently cut my TV, insurance and cell phone bills. So I feel like those are as low as can be but am still open to suggestions. I plan to ditch my car payment pretty soon by getting a cheaper car and paying cash. I've got two kids in daycare and one still in diapers so those bills will be gone within a year or so. The infamous "shopping" category is my habit (I hate stores, I'd rather just buy online but that leads to impulse buying) which I am definitely going to reduce. Even cutting all that, the numbers don't really work, though.

Can you guys help me find any glaringly obvious categories that are out of whack? I would like to get my budget to $3500/month or less (I refuse to believe this isn't possible...).

Category Future Budget Current Budget

Auto & Transport:Auto Insurance 103.70
Auto & Transport:Auto Payment 0.00 524.1
Auto & Transport:Gas & Fuel 251.49
Bills & Utilities:Mobile Phone 25.00
Bills & Utilities:Television 7.99
Bills & Utilities:Utilities: Electric 250.00
Other Bills & Utilities: Water 25.00
Entertainment:Movies & DVDs 7.99
Entertainment:Internet 62.99
Financial:Disability Insurance 111.22
Financial:Life Insurance 221.49
Food & Dining:Fast Food 85.23
Food & Dining:Groceries 767.86
Food & Dining:Restaurants 232.97
Gifts & Donations 50.00
Health & Fitness:Doctor 35.00
Health & Fitness:Pharmacy 10.00
Home:HomeServices: Cleaning/Alarm 23.99 193.99
Home:Mortgage 1677.18
Kids:Baby Supplies 0.00 75
Kids: Daycare 0.00 1160.9
Kids:Kids Activities 80.00
Kids:Kids Clothing 50.00
Personal Care 85.60
Shopping 150.00
Shopping:Books 25.00 50
Shopping:Clothing 25.00 50
Other Shopping 100.00 350

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