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Subject:  Re: Budget Help Date:  3/29/2014  10:41 AM
Author:  tconi Number:  308066 of 312794

sometimes kid activities cost money- I won't question that.

As for cooking- I think there have been past threads on the parenting board for that...

I second the idea to cut up vegetables all at once, then they are so much easier to just throw in a pan to stir fry, into a salad, whatever...

for example:
Google for directions on Roasting Chicken.
That is something that is quick, you can do 2 at once, and then use that meat as a base for many meals
(for example)
*pot pies (saute vegetables of choice until tender- I use carrot/celery/potato /onion/frozen peas, add broth & stir in 1-2Tablespoons flour, cut up cooked chicken, pour into frozen piecrust, add top crust and bake)
once baked you can stick it in the fridge for reheating or serve it
*burritos - refried beans, which can be microwaved, (some of the above chicken if you wish), lettuce, tomato, onions, grated cheese ...(olives & jalapenos if you want)
*Caesar salad/Salad - lettuce & desired veggies, top w/ chicken, dressing of choice - done
*Buffalo Chicken salad - lettuce, cabbage (purple makes it pretty), saute chicken w/ wing sauce, blue cheese crumbled into salad- top w/chicken
*Pasta- diced & tossed w/chicken & vegetable and sauce of choice (from a jar or homemade)

If you cook pasta ahead of time, you can rinse it and refrigerate it- then when you want it, it can be reheated by dunking it in boiling water for just a couple minutes, so that can well be done ahead, too.
I know Pasta is easy with kids.

peace & a few suggestions
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