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Subject:  Hybrid/Other Annuities Date:  4/16/2014  5:58 PM
Author:  aidendey Number:  35245 of 36693

To My Fav. Fools: Crosenfield, Kahunacfa, Lokicious, and other Fools; Before I am scolded and put in the corner w/ the appropriate dunce cap, allow me this: The Board entitled "Annuities" has not seen a post since 2003. So, I risk the ire of the community posting here a bit out of bounds, in hopes of a better response. Also,regarding the Fools mentioned above: They will always have my gratitude and be bearers of an "IOU" I can never repay. They, in unison, educated me enough so that I could decide against investing in Mortgage Backed Securities in 2007. Priceless knowledge was dispensed and absorbed. Thanks again. My current quandry: Age 59, I have a mid-six figure estate in total, about 50% cash. The investments I have are scattered among 3 low yielding CDs. The 3% APY $100K CD comes due in 15 months. Why not acquire a fixed/hybrid annuity from an A+ rated insurance company, and get $500 or so a month until I'm not around to sign the checks? At 59, I would hopefully live to >79, then I would be living off the insurance company, not simply getting my own money spoon fed back to me. Given my rather unusual life choices, am I among the few an annuity does make sense for? (Any money remaining from my entire estate will be split among 2 charities, so I don't have the great need most people feel to leave as much as possible to heirs, in case that fact figures in the decision making process.) All Input Greatly Appreciated, AD
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