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Subject:  Re: Need Advice on Brokers Date:  4/17/2014  1:12 PM
Author:  blacktreechaser Number:  35253 of 36785

I haven't looked at the other responses to your question yet, hopefully I'm not duplicating:

I like Etrade. I have an account with Zionsdirect, which I got from a reccommendation from this board. I've have no complaints from my orders and dealings with them.

HOWEVER...I was unimpressed with boy scout leaders going out and destroying geological formations in a preserved area. Granted, the morman church did come out and speak against that action, and did remove the culprits from their BSA organization.
More recently, and more irritating and frightening, there has been mention in the news of the outlaw cattleman in Nevada being morman. I do not know just how much he has played the "morman card", if at all. Maybe the newxpeople were doing it, and not him. I don't know how many of his armed supporters, who had guns aimed at federal employees, are from the morman church. But that was a very ugly situation. Hopefully the church will make a statement, separating themselves from that idiot. If not, I might not do any more buying or selling with them.
What has this to do with how well Zionsdirect executes bond orders? Nothing...but it does make me think of who I want to support, however little, with my commissions.

I did not find it easy to buy fixed income stuff on Ameritrade. I don't reccommend them for fixed income. They may have improved, but... BEFORE SETTING UP AN ACCOUNT FOR EQUITIES OR FIXED INCOME with Ameritrade, you may want to read at least pages 180 and 181 of Flash Boys...Michael Lewis's new book. It ticked me off. I might not give them any more equity commissions.
As you may or may not know, Interactive Brokers is giving their customers the option to route all of their orders thru the IEX Exchange. I am moving some money over to Interactive Brokers. I have no idea if the IEX Exchange is dealing with fixed income instruments for not.
Lastly, someone recently posted a link to barron's review and rating of discount online brokers.
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