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Subject:  My week of credit card reduction Date:  4/17/2014  2:37 PM
Author:  neveragain Number:  308226 of 312722

The good...

Completed the balance transfers to Amex from chase slate, a new credit card, and my existing chase. Amex now stands at 14k. Have 10k at 0%.

In an attempt to reduce our expenses, we spent last weekend in yard cleanup which saved us $135. The five of us, including the baby, spent the better part of the day picking up branches, raking leaves, trimming some overgrown shrubs etc. The day went even better when we tamed the boys desire to throw the branches at each other and instead into a pile on the ground. My husband decided to go freestyle on me when he ripped out a thorny flower bush that lined a portion of the driveway. I understand why he did it, we all were getting sick of being poked, but I wish he just had a plan on what to replace it with. For now it will have to remain an empty hole.

We decided to stick with the fertilization and lawn mowing for this year with the current landscapers as doing it ourselves would have required some new equipment purchases which I believe I can get used. We will tackle leaf cleanup ourselves this year...<<shudder>>....but doing so should give us the biggest bang for our buck.

I also suspended parking at work for the next six months. If I park in the street and walk the 1/4 mile to work, I will save $250 - (a little less because its taken out pretax) and lose (hopefully) that last 10 pounds of baby weight. That $250 i am going to apply to the $580 I need to put the oldest in a six week camp and the middle child to a 2 week camp. Am trying to sell some old living room furniture which will hopefully make up the shortfall. Have a bunch of baby items that I will try to send to the consignment shop later this week. The nice thing about it is that they give u cash upfront.

Using the free trial of YNAB, still trying to get the hang of it, but so far so good.

The bad...

Had to pay an xtra grand towards taxes this year AND the $400 accountant fee that I forgot to put in the budget. Did get back an additional $200 from the state that I was not expecting to make the net loss $1200. This is money that I was planning on putting into debt reduction so disappointed.

Anyway, will keep on trucking and posting...till the next time.
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