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Subject:  Re: Hybrid/Other Annuities Date:  4/17/2014  7:43 PM
Author:  aidendey Number:  35256 of 36693

To Hawkin, Tjberko and All Responders, Thank you. I will show my ignorance by asking the meaning of PSA, certainly not the ticker symbol for Public Storage? I tried looking it up online, and came back with that storage outfit as the only acronymn w/ a financial meaning.
I think Hawkin asked if I could get by with 3% on my CD $$. Absolutely. I lead a very spartan life style. As was mentioned, when, if ever, will we see 3% APY for a 5 year CD? Anything w/ equities exposure makes me VERY nervous. In particular, now. We have a government accruing debt at a pace that scares even an FDR admirer such as myself, real unemployment (I think, when you factor those in who have given up looking for work)is probably closer to 14%, job growth is anemic at best, we continue to disregard our infrastructure except to build more cell phone towers, and we have Putin thinking it is 1938 all over again. But yet, the DJIA soars! Does the word "bubble" bring back any bad memories? My financial knowledge certainly pales in comparison to many, but I fear we may be sitting on top of the biggest bubble yet. No politics here, just my reasons for fearing anything that is not FDIC insured. Of course, if it truly is as bad or worse than I fear, even those four letters may come to mean nothing if the bubble does not just pop, but goes supernova. I will look into PSA, once I know where to look. Thanks Again All, RJM
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