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Subject:  Re: Getting out of credit card debt Date:  4/28/2014  6:23 PM
Author:  joelcorley Number:  308248 of 312293


You wrote, I am looking for guidance on credit card debt and options available including settlement. Please let me know if you recommend someone beyond the CCC, who I am already going to see.

Appropriate guidance requires information. You haven't given us that.

Whether debt settlement is an option depends on the state your finances are in ... as well as the State you actually live in. However - not that you actually suggested it - I've NEVER seen anyone on this board recommend using the services of a debt settlement company.

CCC services are usually pretty good. But any such service will charge a fee to help you set up a budget and pay your bills. If you're already under water, that's just another obligation that makes getting out of debt harder.

If you go back through the board for old posts, you'd find that most people here recommend a do-it-yourself approach. You need to figure out where the money is going and what you actually have coming in. You need to formulate a budget that's realistic - not digging a deeper hole and you can stick with - and you need to quit using your credit cards for everything - especially impulse purchases. If you can't figure these things out for yourself, you'll likely lapse right back into the same situation once you drop CCC.

This board is a really good self-help group, but only if you're willing to share information about yourself. We won't make a budget for you; but members will gladly review any you make and make suggestions of their own. They will also point out flaws in your plans and help formulate goods ones. At times they may even be of help keeping you on-track and congratulating you when you see tangible progress. But the best thing? It's all free.

- Joel
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