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Subject:  Re: Bonuses on "Frozen" Date:  4/28/2014  6:50 PM
Author:  MoeBruin Number:  49380 of 52238


I know maybe even less then you about the animation business and how they pay but if you don't mind I will do some counter pointing on your post regardless.

I am going to assume, however, that it must be decent money, especially considering that it is a dream job that talent does for the love of it.
For the reasons you give I would guess decent also but meaning not great but not horrible. I doubt they make a ton because its an art and arts always have great supply. So my guess is only a few make the big bucks.

Therefore, I think bonus monies should be generally eliminated from compensation structures (that goes especially toward management). There really is no need to give animators a bonus; they will work just as hard on any project. It's just as ludicrous to give voice talent on an animation film millions in bonus dollars just because a cartoon turned out to be a hit (see "Shrek").

If Disney wants to pay animators more money, it should do it.

I don't agree with any of your points here. First in an industry where there is a lot of layoffs you need to give people an incentive to stay. Nothing is a better incentive then having the chance to hit the jackpot if the movie is a hit.

Also there is a lot of risk in making these movies, so to me a good way to mitigate the risk is if you can get workers to take less as a base knowing that if the movie is a hit they have a chance to make more maybe even a lot more. To me this seems like a good risk mitigation move to me.

All of that being said, it was discriminatory of Disney to do what it did. I would have paid the laid-off individuals a bonus.
Here we agree and I don't work in the movie industry but in my industry if you retire or get layed off and later had a both getting you get that bonus and if you left before a bonus period was complete you get a prorated share based on how long you were there. So I agree with you that Disney should have paid the laid off employees.

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