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Subject:  Re: If you're old enough... Date:  5/26/2014  10:55 PM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  19147 of 22078

Well, my mother would talk of 'Penny Post Cards'.....and Five and Dime stores.... and service stations where they pumped your gas, checked your tire pressure, checked your oil level.....and washed your windshield......and wore spiffy uniforms.....and 'ironing'.....and hanging laundry out on 'the wash line'.....and 'pressure cookers'....
or calling "long distance' on special occasions like xmas to family members…..

Heck, I'm a year or two younger than you, and I remember five & dimes and the like…in the NYC burbs we had Woolworth, Newberry, Kresge…my father sold housewares to them.

I remember having my gas pumped for me, oil checked, windshield washed, tire pressure checked if you asked, up to around 1980 IIRC.

Ironing was my job by age 8 or 9. Also folding clothes, putting them away in everyone's drawers/closets, dusting, and setting the dining table for company. (All my brothers had to do was take turns taking out the trash, about a one-minute job once every 1 or 2 days!)

I had a washer but not a dryer as a young mother in the 70s to mid-80s. I hung out the wash outdoors in nice weather, and indoors on two big wooden racks in cold/rainy weather. My daughter tells me one of her favorite childhood memories was handing me the clothespins, and putting them in the basket when I took down the dried clothes. Kids really do like to help at that age (3-8). I just bought my 3 1/2 year old grandson a child-size broom and dustpan set for next time I see him.
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