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Subject:  Re: If you're old enough... Date:  5/27/2014  7:50 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  19158 of 21776

"I don't know about global warning...but something not good is happening with weather world wide"

It's called climate shift.

Thousands of years ago, the Sahara was a green verdant land of plenty, roaming with wildlife. A 'savannah' with millions of wild animals and also human cities of thousands or more.

then, about 8000 years ago, the orbit/wobble of the Earth changed with the 25,000 year and other interval Milankovic cycles....and over a few hundred years, that part of Africa dried out. It turned into a desert. Folks moved to the Nile Valley and the great Egyptian civilization arose. Thanks to climate shift.

Rivers used to run in Saudi Arabia...thousands of years ago. Not any more. Now we just find , by satellite, where they used to be and where the cities of old times used to be.

Nothing to do with CO2

The Little Ice Age happened not all that long ago. 50 years where the canals of the Dutch froze in the winter time and they ice skated. Why did we have a WORLDWIDE Little Ice Age? The sunspots went away for over 100 years. Simply vanished. Normal solar cycles.

The Little Ice Age was one of the things that triggered the French Revolution.....did you know that? THe peasants were starving. The Germans had the potato that survived the cold weather. The French, stubborn as they were, refused to eat potatoes and tried to grow things above ground...and they were killed by frost and bad weather. So they starved...and the King couldn't/wouldn't provide backup food. thus revolution.....

But you won't hear the global warming hypists even mention that. They simply forget about it, or start their 'rise' after we had 50 years of way below temps worldwide.....

Oh, start from 2 below normal.....and in the next 100 years, wow!...the Earth has warmed a whole 2 degrees!....back to where it was before the Little Ice Age!....but no.....Al Gore won't tell that , will he? Of course not.....they start at the low point.....

Right now, we may be headed for another period of 100 years of no sunspots....... in which case, another Little Ice Age could occur. Not warming but cooling....or at least, back to lower temps.

There has been no warming now for 17 years. The warmists are in a panic searching for the 'missing heat' and putting out alarmist stories about the polar bears disappearing (there are more now than 30 years ago and more ice cover than in the past 20 years and the ice cover grew greatly this past winter)......oh, right...they gloss over polar bears these days...another discredited bunch of malarky. same of glaciers...oh, ....panic....... but there are glaciers that have 'melted back' to points where there are whole towns that are now exposed. Now can that be? Towns from 300 and 500 years ago that were there .......oh wow..that can't be can it? THose glaciers actually GREW during the Little Ice Age, covered entire towns in europe.....and now they are getting back to where they were 500 years ago!...Normal!

BUt does Al gore tell you that? DOes Obama tell you that? Of course not.

IT's all about extracting 2 trillion from you , your utility company, yhour oil company (and of course you pay for it in higher rates and prices) give to 3rd world tycoons and tyrants. 2 trillion a year in carbon taxes on the 'rich' west to give to 3rd world countries (usually the leaders and corrupt business folks where it disappears into Swiss bank accounts). Of course, the 'world' is all for it. At thelast UN IPCC meeting, there were 5000 delegates from 175 countries trying to divvy up the 2 trillion a year in loot they planned to get in 'carbon taxes' ......

If you keep making up stories and promoting them 'as the truth' (like polar bears, retreating glaciers, ice shelves breaking off, etc)....with NYC 100 feet underwater, 150 degree temps ever summer, more hurricanes (actually we are at all time lows now)...etc...... you convince a lot of gullible people....and kids...indoctrinate them with librual redistribution ideas.... etc.

that's what is is all about.


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