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Subject:  Re: BRK Stock Return 1965 to Present Date:  6/7/2014  8:12 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  211244 of 257626

I do not know the exact history, and indeed it will be different for every single person, but I do think that the public fawning over Warren and Berkshire is a rather late invention.

I say that because I was posting on Fool boards back in the AOL days, and then migrated to the web several years later in, oh, early 1999. I remember some conversation about BRK, but not a lot. In fact, I distinctly recall talking to one person who would soon become a writer for the Fool who had never heard of either Berkshire or Buffett. That was rather amazing to me, but then it had only been a few years since I had started paying attention to investing, having let the mutual fund gods direct me (largely through my 401k) through the eighties.

It was several years of reading and paying attention before I became aware of the Oracle, and I have watched with interest over the years as the legend has spread and the fame ballooned.

(I don't remember when, but at one point I was invited to write a post about "Warren & tech stocks" or some such, which surprised me since I was not one of those criticizing him for not going there, but I suppose the assignment came because I was, at the time, riding the tech boom of the mid to late 90's and posting about it.)

Anyway, someone discovering him in the 60's must have been just a lucky duck to be in the right place to hear about him, as the media coverage (I would suspect) would have been practically non-existent. Even through the 70's and 80's I have no recollection, although that could have just been the drugs.
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