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Subject:  Re: another shooting - Oregon School Date:  6/12/2014  11:24 AM
Author:  Hawkwin Number:  438512 of 525261

Owning/buying guns is a right with responsibilities. Just as a pilot must appeal to regain his pilots license, a person who wants to buy/own guns should have to prove fitness. I know that isn't the current state of affairs, but that's where we need to be.

Actually it is the current state of affairs (current law) in some states. Nothing keeps other states from adopting such a law.

But, it is not within the power of the fed gov to create such a restriction. Each state would have to do it.

You can see this same thing at work with the right to vote and mental disabilities. Some states limit voting rights based on such. The Constitution does not extend the right to vote based on mental capacity so states are free to regulate it. States can do the same with guns.

But I digress. As it has been shown in our previous thread, a tiny tiny percentage of all shootings are mass murders or attempted mass murders and such a mental health restriction is not likely to have a major impact on gun violence. It might reduce the number of sensational news stories but the vast majority of gun violence, unfortunately, is committed people who are otherise mentally competent.

As a bit of a footnote:

73 homocides committed in Indianapolis in 2014. All but six were committed with a firearm.
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