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Subject:  I owe, I owe, it's off to work i go Date:  6/30/2014  10:15 PM
Author:  neveragain Number:  308310 of 312777

If you had asked me yesterday how my debt paydown was going, i would have said its not. But reviewing my first post almost three months ago, I see that I have made progress.

I just have a hard time sticking to the plan. The plan was a straightforward snowball. But I have veered off course several times. I know I should pay off my highest interest rate off first, but alloted xtra payment to other debt for various reasons, some rational, others not so much. For example I finally got the $600 city tax refund from 2011. I applied it to a joint chase acct I have with my husband because the refund was in both our names as is the card. At the time, sounded like a reasonable choice, on paper not so much.

I analyze things in a rational fashion, but then end up winging it based on my gut. Since I doubt I will change, I have to find a way to harness that for good.

It's hard not to get discouraged. Had reasonable success earlier this year, but progress has slowed. No more windfalls coming up. Also hubby's work has picked up, making it difficult for me to pick up xtra work. Anyway will keep on trucking.

I owe 23500 at 15.24 to Amex., now 13500
4000 to chase at 15.24, now 8980 at 0% till April 2015
12000 at 14.24 to chase, now 9800
6000 Bank of America 11.24, now 0
4000 Bank of America 9.9, now 3800
3500 Capone at 9.9, now 3400
15200 Lending club at 10.99, now 14800
2500 citi at 0% until march 2015, now 2400
Chase slate: 3000 till ?april

Still w car, student loan, and mortgage -all under 3%
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