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Subject:  Re: cash flow vs. interest rates Date:  7/11/2014  8:27 PM
Author:  neveragain Number:  308362 of 312987

Is the lease payment also for a vehicle? Do you have a plan on how you will replace that vehicle when the lease comes due?

Not sure if you remember from my previous posts, we have three cars. The van, that we are currently paying, is used by the nanny. My work car is the lease, which is fairly new. Hubby's car is paid off. When the lease ends, we will not need a nanny and the third car. If we do need a nanny, we will have her use her own car as you had previously suggested to me.

Savings now go towards retirement and 529s.

I agree about putting some savings towards retirement, but with all the debt that you have, I would not be putting anything else in the 529s.

I have such a hard time with that. I cant imagine not putting away something for them. I contribute $150 for the three, which is less than what i had previously set aside pre-debt. I set up the 529's - in the same second I found out I was pregnant. I went from pee-stick to husband to mom to computer in a single heartbeat. I'm willing to suspend contributions for a month, maybe two, but 18 months....not sure. I also get a state tax deduction which is an added benefit.
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