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Subject:  Re: Debtor vs Creditor Date:  9/2/2014  6:32 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  308571 of 313032

<<So asking a high school or college graduate to decide about living with or without debt won't solve the problem. Even if you explain how much they'll be paying in interest charges, or how much of their future will be in hock, the vast majority will just shrug it off. Yes, a few might listen, but they'll be in the minority.

It's sad, but there it is.

Nancy >>

I suppose it's not surprising that when you have a culture of debt and a nation of debtors, people don't much look at the alternative.

College professors are mired in debt, so they don't much bring that issue up to their students, except to complain about it.

Journalists and editors are mired in debt, so they don't much write articles about making a decision to debt, since they take that for granted too.

They all tend to complain about the RESULTS of being in debt of course, since they are mostly in debt themselves.

Personally, I asked myself that question about debt, and decided I would avoid it without a good reason. About the only debt I've ever has was a 30 year mortgage, paid off after 12 years.

Of course, people who are so highly educated really are able to figure such things out themselves, if they are interested in doing so.

But most are not. Being loaded down with debt is among the fads and fashions of the educated these days. Few even bother considering an alternative.

Seattle Pioneer
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