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Subject:  Re: Debtor vs Creditor Date:  9/2/2014  7:00 PM
Author:  xtn Number:  308574 of 313032

College professors are mired in debt, so they don't much bring that issue up to their students, except to complain about it.

I've mentioned this a couple times before in the last decade. Maybe you remember.

I took a personal finance elective in college. One day we were having class discussion on 3% average savings rate (at the time I guess), and our prof suggested that we all set goals to try saving 3% of our income.

I put forth my opinion that it was silly to set goals that are average. We had fair odds of achieving an average state without setting any goals at all. We should set goals to save ten percent, fifteen percent, twenty percent or more!

I was given the stink-eye, told that those were impossible, told that nobody could hope to save ten percent of their income, and asked not to speak again during the class discussion. By a personal finance prof.

I never did graduate, but I've been beating the average savings rate by quite a fair amount for the twenty-something years that have followed.

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