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Subject:  Re: Most violent country in Europe Date:  9/26/2014  9:18 AM
Author:  Colovion Number:  7228 of 18100

Death rate by firearms per 100,000 people:

UK: 0.25
US: 10.30.

Yes, that's correct. The number is forty times higher in the United States.

You may want to try reading comprehension some time.

We're talking about ALL violence, not narrowed down to "death rate by firearms" (which would certainly include suicides and justified homicides I'd note, suicides make up 50% of the total in fact). If one is murdered by a knife, strangled, bludgeoned to death or shot and killed you're just as dead. The fact remains that you're far more likely to be the victim of a violent crime (rape, aggravated assault, murder, some robberies and burglaries, etc.) in the UK than anywhere else in Europe or even in the US. Declaring victory in one type of violent assault (death by firearms) hardly makes for the exploding rates of ALL OF THE OTHER KINDS.

In other words... the fact that you're less likely to be shot and killed in the UK doesn't make up for the fact that you're far more likely to be raped, stabbed, beheaded, poisoned, bludgeoned, burgled, robbed, beaten, strangled or incinerated... especially since your being disarmed is the REASON you're more likely to be stabbed, beheaded, etc.

"We solved the problem!" Uh, no, you didn't. You not only failed to eradicate the problem you wanted to solve entirely (why isn't the number for the UK 0?) but you made all the other violent crimes MUCH MORE PREVALENT. If that's your idea of "success" I'd hate to see your definition of utter failure.
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