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Subject:  Re: Tooting or Rooting Date:  12/4/2014  11:10 AM
Author:  progmtl Number:  5080 of 5260

I agree with Fred in that we all share some common traits on a board dedicated to FIRE: frugality, diligent saving, and a desire to do something more with our time/life than just work for income.

Also, many of us are anonymous here.

In my own sphere, my wife (of course) knows how much we have accumulated. My dad and one long-time friend know a ballpark figure. I think it is a good idea to think carefully about a person before revealing this information. How are they likely to react given their own circumstances and viewpoints on finance? Will it change the relationship in a fundamental way?

Eventually, when you reach FIRE and, perhaps, retire, you have to decide whether you will be "stealth retired" or open about it. Stealth retired might just mean that you tell people you take occasional consulting work or you are working as family CFO or something.

I think I will prefer the more open approach of just saying I have accumulated enough and would rather spend my time doing things other than work(*). I could understand someone being jealous of that, but to be really petty and let it poison your relationship would perhaps reveal something unsavory about their character.

(*) By work I mean unsatisfying work done at the behest of someone else. I would instead "work" on my own projects and interests, possibly with a chance of earning income from some of them. And I would certainly allow myself more leisure time.

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