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Subject:  Cracks in the Wall Date:  2/7/2015  6:14 PM
Author:  MrCheeryO Number:  23804 of 23810

The insane war on drugs, the ancien regimes in Washington DC remain firm, Washington State backs off a little bit. The trend is clear. The government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation. Gay marriage--state again.

The worst thing for libertarians since the war on drugs, the post 9/11 perpetual wars on things and hopeless (foreign) nation building. One or two of the big government agenda spokespersons at FOX "News" rethinking the cost/benefit analysis on that a bit. These are the boosters of the Bush big government agenda just don't pay for it for now.

Obamacare--a mighty blow for THE core libertarian tenet of personal responsibility? You don't walk into an emergency room with no insurance and just pass off your huge bill on to taxpayers and insurance buyers. Reducing the number of free riders. Or just a monstrosity? My guess is that 99% of libertarians say the latter. Health care accounts. Should be mandatory say libertarians?

No big deal, there is no agreed upon Holy Text. So what? Mildly reasonable people can disagree. What you can't disagree with is that some of the most original and powerful thinking is coming from libertarians these days, agree with the agenda or not. And libertarians are having a lot of success where it matters these days.

Just would be a shame if libertarians despaired a bit because at the federal level there is no powerful constituency for battling corporate welfare and crony capitalism. Rand maybe a bit of a poseur maybe not. If the R and D and their spokespersons at FOX and MSNBC continue to alienate more Americans more of the wall is going to come tumbling down. MSNBC viewers numbers are so bad it could disappear tomorrow and nobody would notice except maybe Joe Scarborough, yet another big government Republican.

Lost Causes Are the Only Causes Worth Fighting For

Meh, maybe. The libertarian agenda is not a lost cause at all.
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