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Subject:  Re: doing some thinking Date:  7/14/2015  11:50 AM
Author:  YewGuise Number:  309459 of 313006

...liking nice things and not dealing well with simply doing without...

Some observations (as with everything else here, take what applies, ignore the rest):
- Maybe it's not just liking nice things. Maybe it's liking nice NEW things. You already have "cute clothes and cute car and nice house," so when you get a hankering for something new, you could remind yourself of what you already have. It's human nature to take for granted what already exists. It's also human nature to always find fault and try to improve (wardrobe, home, experiences, etc), so it takes a conscious effort to force oneself to slow down and appreciate the present.
- Another trick, when you see something you'd like, is not to think simply "Nope, can't afford it," which makes you feel deprived; but rather, "Nope, not in the budget right now. Maybe later." The result is the same (money saved), but morale is also saved. debt up to my eyeballs...going to go change her nickname again to SlowLearner

But the debt is only temporary, yes?
"SlowLearner" as a name sounds defeatist, a defining of yourself by past mistakes. "Learning" or "New Leaf" or "Frugal Sassy" would be more appropriate. Or, just leave the user name as is, and focus on your numbers.
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