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Subject:  Re: Financial Rape Under Obamacare Date:  3/13/2016  3:20 PM
Author:  salaryguru Number:  79276 of 108790

In an emergency situation, my group usually works with the patient and say, if we were in network, this would be your bill. Pay us $100/mon till its gone. Not everyone works that way, obviously.

Right. Consumers have absolutely no choice in this. It is not like the typical emergency room visit involves a discussion of who will be doing billing and what their unofficial practices are.

Non-emergency situations, they should have checked. Their problem, they should never have assumed.

Check with who??? Try calling your insurance company as a consumer to find out who you can use for anything other than routine visits. After waiting on hold for 30 minutes to an hour, you will get to talk to someone who looks it up on the web site you tried to use before you called. The cryptic lists on the web site didn't make sense to you and it doesn't make sense to them. Then they either make something up or just lie to you . . . but they won't write it down, so there's no record. Or try calling a specialist who you know does the kind of procedure you are interested in and ask if they will be covered under your insurance. They are clueless. The honest ones will tell you they don't know and you should call your insurance company (see above). The lazy ones will see that you have a XY/XZ policy and say, "sure, your're covered," because they know they saw a XY/XZ patient last week. But not all XY/XZ policies cover the same networks. And if yours isn't one of the policies that covers this provider, you will be treated like the criminal trying to renege on your bill.

Of course even if you get it all right, then they still might misfile the claim. Once that happens, you are totally screwed. The billing people don't listen to anyone. They send bills. Good luck getting them to file correctly. They don't care. Pay this ridiculous bill that exists because we were too stupid to file correctly or we will send you to a collection agency.

The insurance companies are the primary source of evil in this system. They are nothing but leeches that do not serve any good purpose. They are the death squads the right was so concerned about. Their slow to non-existent response to consumers only creates worse health care issues. They are a primary driver in the costs of health care. But the providers don't do anything to help the consumer either.

First, kill all the insurance companies. . .
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