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Subject:  Re: Attitude Question - SS Date:  3/15/2016  2:04 PM
Author:  JAFO31 Number:  79346 of 97361


<<<I doubt that.>>>


You doubt what, that I would not mind if no one profited? I thought I had made myself quite clear that I don't like the idea of people losing money via SS. Not once did I complain about a subpar rate of return.

In other words, my complaint is not about getting 2% when I could be getting 6%. It is about those who get -4% (or far less) vs getting at least 0%. If everyone and their families received at least breakeven and no one got anything different, that would be an improvement IMO.
[JAFO - I agree that would be an improvement, but that is an impossible dream - to give more to some and without changing what anyone else received] "I realize that such would result in less income for many but at least this way, no family risks losing any wealth to SS."

I do not doubt that in the abstract that you would not mind if no one profited.

I doubt that in reality you would readily accept the lesser benefits to those would are currently benefitting the most from the system - non-working spouses and the low income - and in order to accomplish your stated goal without tilting the system even more against the high income.

Only you know your heart, and perhaps I am wrong. I know you only from what you post, and not IRL.

Regards, JAFO
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