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Subject:  Re: VRX - Some notes from recent news Date:  3/18/2016  1:50 PM
Author:  RockyRaccoon Number:  24033 of 26255

But still, it is one thing to invest in Valeant, as many smart people did, and it is quite another to disparage criticisms coming from some turkey in Nevada, and even question the turkey's right to make the criticisms of this fine outstanding company (and what next? What if he criticizes and takes down the National Bank of Canada, horrors? And then, one of the Big Five Canadian banks? Etc.). And then of course all these criticisms that Left was making turn out to be true, in fact it's even a fair bit worse. Which is a fine illustration of why having free speech is kind of a useful thing, and make Donville's really over the top anger seem even sillier. I guess the most irritating criticism is the criticism that you have a sneaking feeling might be true. Good lesson here for any investor on the importance of considering the opposite viewpoint...

Hear you and don't disagree. I guess from my point of view, Donville has no obligation or duty to give out anything and any idea is given entirely for free, and certainly if I act on anything he says then the responsibility goes from my ears to my mind and thus it becomes my idea and mine alone. What I have seen with him is almost truly awe-inspiring generosity and willingness to interact with Joe Investor, and for every rant and rave (only seen one - & was clearly in tizzy and shouldn't have shown up then), he has given out remarkable after remarkable idea, including ideas he mentions repeatedly. In the end, his ranting and raving didn't make me buy VRX (though I'd owned it before and finally punted a long time ago), so his ranting and raving doesn't bother me one iota. All his other contributions - geez....calling me a "fan" is like calling Brady a decent if matters, he is the only person I follow where I will often first buy each idea he mentions (excluding resources and financials) and then do the investigation...though that doesn't mean I've kept everything. Course, if I'd just blindly followed the guy, I'd be a lot more successful.

Course, all this is spoken by a dude (me) who doesn't know if VRX should be $30 or $300....
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