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Subject:  Re: VRX - Some notes from recent news Date:  3/18/2016  3:40 PM
Author:  NajdorfSicilian Number:  24038 of 26255

For example the association with Phildor, and the insurance fraud

You've said this a number of times, but all pharmas use 3rd party distributors [or almost all] and there is no proof of insurance fraud no matter how often that mud is slung by you and others.

'Very often manufacturers are having a hard time to get coverage and often at first they get unfavorable tiers and only long after the launch advance to the better ones. So, in the meantime, they offer vouchers, samples, copay assistance, etc. to make sure that patients get immediate access to their drugs despite the dismal payer coverage.

Adam Fein has some data from early 2014:
There are now 561 co-pay offset programs, up by 34% in less than two years. More than 700 brand-name drugs have co-pay offset programs.

So copay is far from being only a Valeant/Philidor issue. Dr. Fein also explains that:

For some major therapeutic categories, IMS documents that copay offset programs are used more frequently by patients in deductible plans. [...] Before any deductible is reached, a patient's "copayment" always equals the full prescription price. Consequently, for diabetes therapies (DPP-4 and GLP-1), manufacturers could be paying full price for 15% to 25% of their own prescriptions.'

Finally, selling your pharmas or branded generics for more than the competition is not fraud no matter how often the media pushes it.
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