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Subject:  Re: Your strategy for leveraging CAPS Date:  4/7/2016  11:16 PM
Author:  TMFSpiffyPop Number:  184 of 188


Hope these answers make some sense.

>>the “players” with the best ratings seem to earn that by posting thumbs-down on vast majority of stocks.<<

Consider that the vast majority of picks on CAPS are green thumbs (long). Makes sense, right? Most people are going to thumb stocks they've researched and like. And you can rack up lots of points this way, if you're right. You can rack up even MORE points if you're right on your green thumbs AND right on your red thumbs -- and when you're right on your red thumbs, you're racking up points AGAINST the majority who have green thumbs -- this is how you can separate yourself and when you separate yourself from the majority in strategy games, you often put yourself in leadership positions....

>>I wonder why the feature requires you to hold at least 7 stocks.<<

Seven stocks isn't a very high number. The idea is we need to have a minimum sample size to rate people.

>>And why is there a waiting period for the stock to show in your portfolio? If you pick it on a good day, it can go bad by the time it registers and then your score suffers. Frustrating.<<

When you pick a stock, it takes about 20 minutes for it to show in your scorecard, but we score you from the moment you picked it. This was because we started CAPS in an era (still true for many) where there were delayed quotes. So when you pick the stock, we give you the real-time quote at the moment you picked it, but with "15-20 minute delayed quotes," it shows up that much afterward. We also were building in a buffer so that if people could not copy you "the second after you picked it." We didn't want algorithms or copy-cats copying one account to another.

There's also a minimum holding period of 7 days. We didn't want people daytrading CAPS -- we wanted the intel coming from the platform to be real, not flash-in-the-pan minute-to-minute stuff.

Again, hope some of that helps. --David
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