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Subject:  Time for a new car? Date:  5/24/2016  3:06 PM
Author:  1971simon Number:  11762 of 11912

Hey guys, first time here (not TMF, this board). I'm not sure what you guys do here but I'll ask the question and if I'm in the wrong spot please let me know.

So we have four in our family. I've been using a Honda Accord v6 for 10 years now to ferry the family around. We don't travel by car much or far for vacations usually. That said, with four full sized bikes now I'm getting concerned about the car. If we go somewhere for the long weekend (like we just did) we have a box on top with two bikes and two bikes on a back, hitch-mounted rack.

The problem with the Honda Accord is that:

a) The hitch sucks. The towing capacity of the frame is only 1,000lbs which means the tongue weight is only 100lbs. So I now have the lightest possible two-bike rack on the back and I put two of the lightest bikes on the back.

b) The cargo capacity of the car sucks. According to the manual the car has an 800 lb limit. This includes bikes, cargo, trunk AND PASSENGERS. It's insanely low for a four person family (we're not big but we are around 600 lbs in passengers). In other words, when we load up, the car is definitely over the limit.

I know, and noticed, the car handles much differently loaded to the hilt. I'm planning on getting a Tesla Model 3 in two years (already on the list) and I assume that really, that car isn't going to have much towing/cargo capacity. It leads me to believe we should be looking at replacing the Accord with some form of mini-SUV or something with a heftier frame.

My wife and I like driving Hondas vs. Toyotas because you can feel the road. She currently drives a Mini (which we will be replacing - only need two cars regardless of what my eldest thinks). We have never spent any time looking at anything beyond a sedan before. So the question is:

If I need a new family vehicle (and I think I do), can I get some suggestions based on the above information?

Thanks all,

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