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Subject:  Re: Toyota Reinvents The Prius Date:  5/26/2016  11:42 PM
Author:  Carpian Number:  704 of 712

Hi Fuskie,

Good idea. I traded my 2nd generation 2004 Prius in for a 4th generation 2016 Prius a couple months ago. I'd been waiting for 4G for a couple years, and it was worth the wait. It is niiice, and an improvement over my 2004 (which I liked a lot) in pretty much every respect. I had test drove a 3G a couple years ago, but wasn't impressed with that one. But 4G hits the spot!

I got a "touring" version, which has 17-inch wheels instead of 15.5, that along with a beefed-up suspension give it a very smooth and comfortable ride. I'm averaging a legitimate 50 mpg, taking into consideration that what shows on the screen in the car looks to be about 5% high (based on the amount of gas that I'm having to buy to fill the tank vs. the number of miles I've driven). And that includes a lot of freeway miles--it actually does a little better in town.

I also test drove a Chevy Volt and a Ford C-Max. I really wanted to like the Volt, since I hate going to gas stations and its 50-mile all-electric range would cover most of my driving. But it was just too small for me to use to go on trips, and didn't excite me to drive. Ditto the C-Max--it was OK but didn't do much for me. Maybe it's because I already had a Prius so was somewhat used to it, but as soon as I started test-driving the 2016 everything clicked for me, and what I was expecting to be a difficult decision of which one to get turned out to be very easy.
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