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Subject:  Re: endless ancient tea ........................ Date:  5/30/2016  11:37 PM
Author:  notablelaggard Number:  373 of 383

So right u be! It IS "a real trip"!!

It just seems soooo cRaZy! to be able to walk into a little store, nab a
menu, have a look and ask the lovely counter-person whatever you'd like to
know, then order this or that 'joint' or 'splif'. They come neatly rolled
inside of a lovely little glass tube with a cork!
I knew guys who literally went to PRISON back in the day MERELY for being
caught with a pouch full a grass on them. My friend and I were once cornered
by squad cars, taken into the back seat - one of us in each car - and
driven to the P. Station and questioned and 'searched', physically, ONLY
because we were standing talking one evening at a place on the local college
campus known as "Hippy Hill". There wasn't even anyone else there!
I had a huge cop sitting next to me in the back seat on the way to the station
and I had to deftly pull the joint from my back pocket and stuff it down
my butt crack .. then 'hold' it there throughout the questioning. (thank
god they didn't make us 'bend over'.
Now .. same town .. same me (basically) .. I can buy as much grass as I
like .. even some that is SOOOO LOADED with THC that it comes with strong
WARNNGS .. and those who don't heed them are said to often end up so
utterly wasted that they describe it as a MAJOR life event.
Yeah .. it's a trip. And I'm not really a 'smoker' either, but I've gone
in twice and looked through the menu and spoken with them, and I always
note to them that it is UTTERLY crazy to a former Hippy like me to NOT
feel absolutely paranoid about walking into their place!!
Anyway .. you two can come on out and spend a few days legally stoned if
you like! I'll provide you with a lovely private apartment throughout
your stay. And I'll only charge you a few tokes of your chosen product.
Take care - ;->
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