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Subject:  Dash Date:  5/31/2016  5:49 PM
Author:  FiddleDeeDee Number:  86678 of 87863

I just wanted to update my Foolish friends on my son, Dash. He went through graduation ceremonies on Friday, and after he completes 2 more courses, he will be a college graduate.

It took him five long years. He did not use the special education help that was available to him, and still he did it. His GPA hovers around a 3.0 (will know for sure once he completes the summer courses) but I could not be prouder of him than if he had graduated from Harvard with honors. He did it all on his own.

A picture of him holding up his diploma cover says it all. The smile is as wide as the outdoors and it says to the world, "I did it".

So what is next for the intrepid young man? He has decided to go into the Air Force. He is very worried about going in for officer candidate school, but we are trying to convince him that since he will be a college graduate, he should apply for it. I hope he will make the right decision.

Best part of it is that those 5 years are paid for, and he has no student debt. Thanks to my Dad's generosity and my Mom's stewardship, my parents' paid for half of his college. We paid the other half. It was $55,000. We scrimped and saved and had stay-cations. We went without - but it never felt like we did.

I owe a huge debt to the Fool (thankfully not a monetary one, lol). By studying and reading the Credit Card and LBYM boards, I learned how to budget, how to save, pay off our credit card debt and stay out.

Some of the original peeps are still on this board who made the biggest difference; I can't thank you enough. Thank you, Motley Fool. I did not realize that I would still be here (a member since 1998) and all the changes that I would undergo. You have made a difference in my life and lifestyle.

Mme. LaFarge
La Fifi
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