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Subject:  Re: Calculating Retirement Funds Date:  8/7/2016  9:50 AM
Author:  nick2302 Number:  1731 of 1929

Well that is the point "IF" you have $1million. Big if. The only reason I am still working is to finish paying off the mortgage and build cash and reach the goal of 650000.00. I am about 18 months away from doing just that. I have delayed taking my Social security benefit as well so I can get a bigger monthly pay out.

I am assuming when I reach 70.5 and Uncle Sugar forces me to take money out of the roll over that I would pay the taxes on the withdrawal and then re-invest the balance in something fairly conservative. With any luck I won't need that money. Unless I am living in a box under bridge and I am standing at a busy intersection with a cardboard sign asking for quarters.

I have worked non-stop since I graduated with my first master's degree for 44 years and 2 months. Since that very first job I have never been without a full time job and I have always contributed to whatever 401K the job offered. As I changed jobs I rolled the money into the roll over IRA. Except the one place that way back in the dark ages offered a pension and I was vested I left that money and that is what is going to provide 50% of my retirement income the other 50% being Social Security.

Once the house is paid off and I hit the saving target I am so done with working full time. Corporate America is a hellish place to work now with all the H1B competition that is preventing salaries from keeping up and eliminating any potential moves..

It appears both candidates for President want to keep American salaries down. The DONALD is even against a minimum wage and would let states make them lower. Hillary wants to import more H1's because she has been bought by American big business who is feeding her the line they cannot find American workers with the talents they need. The big lie is that Big American Businesses (Mark Zuckerberg don't want to train nor pay American's to fill those jobs. They want plane loads of workers from India to come here and slave for them. Or better yet send the jobs over there.

As a result the American worker who has worked their entire life for a big business is left in the dust. The work place now looks at the older American life long worker as a big expense and can hardly wait to get them pushed out so they can hire someone with 24 letters in their last name. I can hardly wait to leave that environment and every day hold my nose and go into work and slave away at a 10 hour highly pressurized day.

We have really sunk into the mud for the future of the American worker. I fear what my grand children will be facing when they get out of college for job opportunities.

Maybe that is another driving force in the back of my mind to try and leave the children and grand children some money to help survive the dark future.
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