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Subject:  Re: Cost of Groceries Date:  8/13/2016  11:26 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  1738 of 1911

The main reason "there's no inflation" is because the cost of gasoline has gone down so much. Alas, most retirees use less gas than they did while commuting, so we see inflation.

Spending on food has a lot of variables.

Do you/can you drink dairy milk or do you need more expensive nut milk?
Ditto wheat bread/gluten-free bread?
Do you eat low carb? Protein & fat cost more than cheap carbs like rice & beans.
Are you vegan? Produce & grains generally cheaper than meat/poultry/fish.
Do you only buy boneless skinless chicken breasts, or are you willing to buy leg quarters or whole chickens?
Do you buy only chopmeat and chuck or also rib-eyes?
Only pork butt or also pork tenderloin?
Interesting cheeses or cheaper jack, provolone, (the horror-) American?
Baby greens or just iceberg/romaine?
How about wine, beer, booze?
Got junk food/empty calories?
Prepared food or cook at home (I note that some prepared foods are cheaper than homemade, though perhaps not made of as nutritious/high quality ingredients)?

Discount store or full price?

After age 60/65, most people eat less, and less again after 75/80.
Do you entertain often? Costs more to feed 4 or 8 than 1 or 2(!).


In my case, I seldom eat out or get takeout these days. I buy pastured meat/eggs, healthier-raised poultry/pork, and wild fish (and Norwegian healthier-farmed salmon). I buy nut milk, not dairy milk. Eat whole fruit, not drink fruit juice. Seldom eat carby vegetables (carrots, beets, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn), even eat less onion & tomatoes than I used to due to carbs. Buy a little bread for the hubster (expensive Ezekial sprouted grain bread) and some low-carb tortillas for me. I feed my mother and brother once a week and houseguest for average 2-2 1/2 weeks a year.

But, being retired, I have more time to seek out discounts/sales. I shop at Publix on senior discount day for 5% off. I got a Target card--5% off. I'm more careful about what I buy at Whole Foods (gnerally things I can;t get elsewhere or are lower quality elsewhere). I buy less organic produce than I used to--mostly the Dirty Dozen:

I never bother buying the Clean Fifteen organic:

My mother is 90 years old and lives on her own in a SFH. She eats pretty little. For diner, mostly frozen Lean Cuisine on sale. For lunch, presliced cheese & salami on crackers, salad bar or soup bar takeout. For breakfast, egg & toast, oatmeal packet, or an Atkins dark chocolate protein shake. Fruit, cookies, candy for snacks. Mostly drinks tea.
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