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Subject:  Re: COST OF DRIP INVESTING Date:  10/16/2016  2:34 PM
Author:  desertdaveataol Number:  27881 of 27990

Thank you for recommending this post to our Best of feature.

Vanguard said it is Computershare that is requiring the fees. So even if I open an account with Vanguard and request a transfer Computershare charges for the transaction.

As I understand your situation Computershare is charging the fees for every transaction you make.

Wouldn't it be better to have one LAST transaction with Computershare (transferring all your drip shares out of Computershare to Vanguard) than to continue paying Computershare for every one of your transactions?

NOTE I have a rather large (for me at least) account with Vanguard and, if I understand your situation, you have a rather small account with Computershare*. I do not drip with Vanguard, however Vanguard does not charge me for reinvesting dividends in my stocks and there is no charge to me if I switch money around within the Vanguard funds. You might want to call them back and double check that it would be the same way for any account(s) you might open with them.

I can choose to have Vanguard reinvest my dividends into one of my stocks OR I can choose to have the dividends put into my account as a cash credit which I can let build up to an amount and then use it to buy another stock.

This is why I refuse to anything with a stock that has anything to do with Computershare they are he WORST.

The only time a company has any control over its shares is when it sells them the first time i.e. an IPO (Initial Public Offering) once those shares are sold anybody who owns the shares can sell them to anybody who wants to buy them.

Vanguard, Fidelity, and dozens of other companies act as agents to facilitate the buying/owning/selling of stocks from that point on. Don't blame the companies for what Computershare is doing.

I suggest you call Vanguard back and make sure everything I'm saying is correct as it applies to you. Then, if you are satisfied you can have them do the transfer for you (which may save you money) rater then doing it yourself.


* Just to be certain we're both talking about the same thing, is this the company we are talking about?
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