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Subject:  Re: Welp Date:  11/9/2016  12:47 PM
Author:  impolite Number:  39782 of 40273

So the US gets Trump. Well that means it's unlikely you will get 4 years of bland, grey politics.

That just feels like cutting off your nose to spite your face; voting for the Crazy Train because it's not The Old Train, you know? I guess I understand the emotions behind it but would hope logic and reasoning would prevail.

Then you have to figure out a way of next time having some nominees who aren't too old or too radical or too nuts who will actually be worth Americas vote.

Now this we can agree on.

Clinton was the Heir Apparent, so there was no *real* primary to speak of. Sanders was merely a distraction. Hung in there a while, but a distraction.

The GOP didn't put anyone interesting and also qualified out this time, so Interesting And Certainly Not Qualified won the day.

I'm hopeful both parties do a much better job of elevating decent, qualified candidates for their primaries, so that "neither one would suck" is an option next time.

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