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Subject:  Re: Welp Date:  11/9/2016  2:26 PM
Author:  Whambam2 Number:  39783 of 40273

That just feels like cutting off your nose to spite your face; voting for the Crazy Train because it's not The Old Train, you know? I guess I understand the emotions behind it but would hope logic and reasoning would prevail.

I'm going to guess that Trump will find it hard to pass the more radical plans he has been banging on about for months. Maybe not so crazy?

Clinton was the Heir Apparent, so there was no *real* primary to speak of. Sanders was merely a distraction. Hung in there a while, but a distraction.

The GOP didn't put anyone interesting and also qualified out this time, so Interesting And Certainly Not Qualified won the day.

I'm hopeful both parties do a much better job of elevating decent, qualified candidates for their primaries, so that "neither one would suck" is an option next time.

You need politicians that listen to the people. Well, we all need that across the globe.

The greater majority of us are just ordinary people. And being ordinary we know we have to support the old and vulnerable and at the same time reward personal endevour over sloth. The pendulum should not be permitted to swing too far in either direction. Most of us occupy the middle ground.

There is a test on the internet somewhere which asks you questions and then puts a dot on a graph to show your politics. Most people end up no more than a couple of points off centre.

Germany, France and Holland have elections next year. I think Italy too. The 'establishment' are saying the far right is rising and facism is on it's way back. If you express an opinion that is different to the political elite you are racist, bigoted etc But it's not the far right that is rising, it's the little guy who is fed up of being told to shut up and which way to vote because if you vote the other way you're a damned RACIST!

The little guy wants to be heard. Socialism will wither away, they've had their 15 mins of fame and effed it up.

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