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Subject:  Re: Little Steven on Hamilton Date:  11/22/2016  1:44 PM
Author:  valueqwest Number:  2120102 of 2381073

Pence lied his way through the campaign. That's not class.

The Left seems to always equate disagreements on policy with Republicans as saying they are "lying".

A brief list of a few of Pence's obvious lies are listed below. Just so we are clear, a lie is not a 'disagreement on policy'. A lie is when you say something you know to be untrue.

So did Hillary lie about emails? Did 0bama lie about healthcare?

Truth matters to the electorate.

Apparently not, since both Trump and Pence lied their way through the entire campaign.

Well, trouble is Hillary is viewed as untrustworthy by 67% of voters.
But you are fine with that, which reflects hypocrisy.

I went through the Pence "lies" and I did not see a lie. I did see several things you may not know to be true. And I saw predictions and policy opinions.

And I notice there were no links to document these "lies". No surprise since the Left prefers to deal in innuendo and simply made up stuff rather than facts.

I will take one of the Pence "lies" you cite:

"10 cents on the dollar from the Clinton Foundation goes to charitable causes"

Pence was being generous.

"Clinton Foundation Spent Less Than 6 Percent On Charitable Grants In 2014"


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