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Subject:  Re: Social Security Date:  12/5/2016  4:59 PM
Author:  Brooklyn48 Number:  20140 of 22742

Not everybody has a white collar job with generous benefits and healthy, happy senior years. Let's not add to their misery.

My husband had a white collar job and he was "downsized" several times from the age of 52 till he quit at the age of 65 1/2.
We had to sell our home in order to keep going (after the first layoff).
We had to move out of state for a job that was 50% lower than what he had been making in New York.
Thank goodness for social security as most white collar workers, especially those who work in financial services, don't get a pension.
They don't get to work long enough to get pensions as they consider you old when you hit the age of 50.
When hubby was 65 he was told that there was another layoff looming a few months down the road. He was told that he was not on the list of those people who would get to keep their jobs BECAUSE he was 65 and going to collect social security.
What a laugh as he was making 6 figures at the time.
Anyway, we have survived. We left NY for small town living in MA.
The people are much friendlier here and it feels much more like home than living in a big city. We downsized our house, our mortgage and we now drive a sensible car.
Without social security we'd have been homeless. I kid you not.
I cannot understand why people think that they should live the exact same lifestyle as they had before retiring. We live well but in a much smaller house. We still have a mortgage but it's a much smaller one.
Instead of going to Broadway shows we take in the local theatre where we might even see a neighbor or two as one of the actors in a play.
And as long as we can still find decent pizza, well, need a former New Yorker say more???
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