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Subject:  12/08/16 debt update Date:  12/9/2016  12:10 AM
Author:  mtr Number:  311078 of 313065

2011 Nissan Sentra $1045 pmt $112 every 2 weeks at 2.49% car Mileage 117,000.
Bond Loan #1 Secured against cd, $649 pmt $88 due every month at 3.55%
Bond Loan #2 Secured against cd, $404 $86 due every month at 2.15%

American Express Everyday Cash $0.00
Chase Freedom $1648
Chase Slate $575

checking $0
Savings $19
Cds at CU #1 $500
Cds at CU #2 $28500
Cd at Nationwide Bank $538

401K $91000 Vested

Individual Brokerage Account $28000
Rollover 401k $34500
Brokerage Roth Ira $56000
Roth Ira # 2 $21000
Annuity $8800
Pension $16000 vested

My boss wants me to go on social security disabilty because of my bipolar disorder. I have not been making the standard for my unit despite working thru my lunch to bring up my production. If I do get fired its not like I did not try to succeed at work.

In January I'll fill my meds without insurance to see how much it cost at Frys and cross my fingers its not alot. I'm tired of filing with insurance at CVS and having control where I buy my meds at.

On the 15 I"m hoping I get the interest from my bonds that are payable on that date.

FICO Score as of last month 818.

This is all I know right now.
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