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Subject:  Republican health care = monstrous wickedness Date:  3/11/2017  1:13 PM
Author:  yttire Number:  98556 of 128881

The Republicans are monstrous not because their leadership, but because of their rank and file legislatures. The Republican health care plan is wicked.

Wicked is defined to be morally bad, something that brings sorrow, remorse or distress.

In the United States today, the cost of health care is around $10,000 per person [1]. The median household income is $51,939. If you have a family of four, the amount left over to live on comes to $11,939. Thus, you can see that healthcare is simply not affordable for a normal family. This isn’t expensive liposuction, but the cost of necessary cancer treatments, diagnostics, and asthma medicine.

These aren’t lazy, undeserving slobs who need healthcare. They are the hard working underpinning of our entire modern civilization. Obamacare brought affordability and access to healthcare to many through underwriting the cost. Let’s not hedge about it. The Democrats worked to save the lives of those who could not afford healthcare by underwriting it with resources from the affluent.

Healthcare is not affordable to individuals, because the majority of the money doesn’t flow to the workers, it flows to a few individuals, and to capital holders. There is plenty of money for healthcare, but it isn’t going to those who need to pay for it. Half of all income goes to the top 10% of earners. [3]

You must choose, and there is no way out of the choice:
Choose to let people die because of lack of access to healthcare in a society which has plenty of resources to pay for it
Choose to let people live by allocating resources currently going to the very wealthy towards health care for others

There is no way out of this choice. Look at the numbers above again a few times. Healthcare is not affordable to the median household. It is completely out of reach for the poor. This is a choice that is made every time legislatures create or execute a law on healthcare.

The Republican plan moves directly to again block healthcare to those that are not of the affluent class.

The Republicans consistently choose choice A, the choice to let people die. This is an outrageous choice. It is wicked by definition, because it is morally bad, and something that brings sorrow, remorse and distress.

There is no way to avoid the choice. Do you decide to let people live or die? What do you choose?

Are you Republican or Democrat?



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