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Subject:  Re: IRA's & Roths Date:  5/11/2017  7:22 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  83400 of 98533

"In 2016 68.7% of the dividends/distributions I received in my taxable accounts were tax deferred from MLP's or securities paying Tax deferred ROC and 92% of all dividends/distributions received were tax deferred In all accounts including IRA's"

MLPs and similar just return your capital....while decreasing your 'basis' toward zero. So when you go to sell them, your gain is a whole lot more. It's just YOUR MONEY being returned

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"70%-75% of distributions received are dripped or reinvested. "


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"The RMD's I deduct each year are my largest taxable event, and the money is also transferred to a taxable account and the excess above my needs are also reinvested."

So far I haven't spent much of the RMDs...more than I need to live it's getting re-invested and a part of it donated to charitable organizations.

Did buy a new car last year......old one was 7 years old with 177K miles. Usually run them to 8 years and 200K miles but bought 'early'.

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"I've been retired 14 years and live entirely off the income in my portfolios as I have no pension, or annuity. SS is very minimal and doesn't even cover the FED and STATE taxes that I pay"

Well......I've been retired 17.5 years. Started RMD last year. $5K/yr pension that pays the real estate taxes. SS pays all the medicare and nearly all the fed taxes. Everything else from my investments is income. No state tax in TX.

Last year.......after all deductions - the total percentage of taxes on income was 14.7%

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